Oleg Livington

Owner of Oleg's trading post


Owner of Oleg’s trading post.
Married to Svetlana Livington.

Gruff no nonsense man who asked the characters to defend his outpost from banditry.

He now has one son Content Not Found: Lindor-Livington named after one of the heroes who dies at Kressel hands at the Thorn River Camp defending his trading post. Oleg keeps himself busy with the tax collection through the many farms. He is well respected though his gruff, no nonsense attitude keeps his disliked, making Svetlana a perfect offset to him. Oleg was happy to see Svetlana retire and happy to have her aid. When Svetlana was killed, Oleg even gained a bit of respect for Kressel for the brutality with which the man who murdered his wife was dealt.

Oleg Livington

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