Ex-lieutenant of the Stag Lord, she was well respected by her men and the Stag Lord himself until she lost the Thorn River Camp to the heroes. Her punishment for failure at the Stag Lords hands was severe. Her men were sent to their death with only three surviving and she was kept at the Stag Lord’s fort to be beaten on a daily basis. When the heroes took down the Stag Lord she accepted the offer to join them having no other place to go.

She has been giving the position of Royal Assassin, suitable to her personality but lacking the thrill of combat she’s come to enjoy.

Over time the party has worn down her sharp nature. She still has a viperous tongue prone to jabs and biting one liners, though in time it has become clear she does it more in jest than true disdain. Having taken a back seat both in the Monster Kingdom War and the War with the Fellknight Queen she is eager to prove herself and gain the recognition many of the others on the council have.

She is quite proud to have won the Kankarat Run and finds the centaurs fascinating, a female run war tribe suits her well.


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