War on the Miniture

Rova 27th, 4712 A.R. (cont)

Wally cast his last few spells to bring Wynri conscious. Having killed Grabbles and driven off the mites they set to exploring the room. Finding a few nice pieces of gear on Grabbles and the mites treasure stash the heroes set to leave. Upon hearing a weakened voice calling for help in an unexplored cavern they set off to investigate.

Entering what appeared to be a torture room. The heroes found a red scaled kobold on the verge of death. Wally set to restoring him and he introduced himself as Mikmek. He told the heroes that he could give them many treasures if they would help him find the kobold’s god and lift the curse on them. (A glass statue the heroes already found in the treasure from the other room. The party convinced Mikmek to lead them to the kobold’s tribe and offered to speak to their chief about the curse afflicting the kobolds. Mikmek agreed and off the heroes rode to the kobolds cave.

Upon reaching the cave Mikmek got the attention of the guard on duty and begain explaining his situation in draconic. Left to wait the heroes took not of the cave the kobolds called home and noticed it oddly large. Inspecting the walls Half-beard realized this is an abandoned silver mine. After a minute, Mikmek leads the party into the cavern, helping them avoid traps and eventually lead them to Chief Soothscale.

After a good bit of talking with the chief over the worship of “Old Sharptooth” the heroes quickly realized all the kobolds, the chief included, are terrified of the tribe shaman Tartuk. The reasons apparent because the “god” often chose bad kobolds to be sacrificed if they didn’t obey Old Sharptooth’s commands. The heroes made their way to talk with Tartuk and found a purple scaled, perfect common speaking kobold who was quite skilled at what he did. The heroes realized the whole “god” situation was a rues to put himself in power but kept their mouths shut.

Given the opportunity to rest, the heroes gladly took it while Tartuk called the kobolds to the temple for their daily worship. Alix sneaked into the hall and watched as Tartuk used spells cleverly to trick the kobolds into thinking their god had appeared before them causing flashing colored lights and other tricks. All with the aid of some silent spells so they did not realize the magic was coming from him.

Next came confessions, as several kobolds came and gave testimony on how “Old Sharptooth” had touched their lives. When it came time for Mikmek’s testomony. Alix realized Tartuk was using detect thoughts on Mikmek. During Mikmek’s confession an image of “Old Sharptooth” appeared and marked poor Mikmek for death. Tartuk drew out a scythe but was startled as a quick thinking Alix yelled “Stop!” Suddenly appearing in the hall with “Old Sharptooth” floating in front of him. (By mage hand cast before entering the hall.)

Alix called Tartuk out as a fraud. After some debate Tartuk commanded Chief Soothscale to kill Alix. Soothscale approached “Old Sharptooth” and after a moment of contemplation grabbed the statue, shattered it and shouted “kill the traitor!” Combat ensued with Tartuk dead and his head smashed by Soohscale’s mace. As soon as the battle was through Soothscale crowned Alix and pledged the newly renamed Malystarr Tribe to him.

Now Chief of the kobolds, Alix and the party searched through Tartuk’s things claiming his magic items and his jornal and rested.

Rova 28th, 4712 A.R.

Spent the full day resting with teh Malystarr Tribe, Wally treated the Red Ache on Wynri, Alix and Half-beard.

Rova 29th, 4712 A.R.

Spent the day mapping. Alix is being plagued with nightmares to kill the stag Lord and seeing visions of the dead man who built the bridge “Nettle’s Crossing.”

Rova 30th, 4712 A.R.

Spent the day mapping. Alix nightmares continue.

Lamashan 1st, 4712 A.R.

Finished up the partial hexes mapping

Lamashan 2nd, 4712 A.R.

Spend the day mapping, found a rickety bridge. Crossing it carefully they passed without incident.

Lamashan 3rd, 4712 A.R.

Headed to the patch of fangberries Bokken had requested the party took some time picking them and mapped the hex.

Lamashan 4th, 4712 A.R.

Found a pit trap with a Brush Thyrcane in it. Avoided the trap successful and mapped the hex. During the night a heavy storm picks up, winds of almost 20 MPH.

Lamashan 5th, 4712 A.R.

The storm continues heavily, the heroes flee to the Temple of the Elk for safety.

Lamashan 6th-7th, 4712 A.R.

Heavy storms continue to be waited out in the Temple of the Elk (random weather rolls sucked here, guess thats what a month of no rain gets you.)

Lamashan 8th-9th, 4712 A.R.

Rain finally clearing heavy winds helping to dry the land the heroes head back to Oleg’s arriving the morning of the 10th.

Lamashan 10th, 4712 A.R.

Arrived back in Oleg’s and met with Jerren who reported in what happened on his adventure to Restov. Trading with Oleg ensued with their new found riches. Wynri and Half-beard made a ride out to Bokken’s to find his hut destroyed and the corpses of two of the bandits who posed as trappers in its place. Searching the hut they found Bokken’s possessions gone as well and hope he is alive but feel guilty as they told the “trappers” of Bokken and his potions. Returning to Oleg’s the heroes placed a few special orders and made plans to finish their last two hexes and return to Oleg’s. Pick up the weapons they ordered and then set forth to the Stag Lord’s Fort.



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