Arosus 9th-18th, 4712 A.R.

Exploring further eastward, two of the parties horses stepped in cleverly concealed bear traps. Upon further inspection of the area, the party found traps hidden throughout the area. Deciding to take it slow and set off any traps they found while mapping the area, the party spends the next few days disarming traps and camping. Camping on the 13th, one of the horses is attacked by a pack a wolves, but the party manages to kill or chase them off before any real damages were done. While making camp on the night of the 19th, a hunter in the area joins the party’s camp, telling them of a bandit’s camp in the area.

Arosus 19th, 4712 A.R.

The party sets out, parting ways with the hunter and head southeast, spending the day mapping, slowly making their way to the area the bandits are said to be camped in. While setting camp, Alix Malystarr is led away from camp by Psugarren. Psugarren introduces Alix to two of his friends, Perlivash and Tyg-Titter-Tut. After some playful mischief, the fey give Alix a map of the bandit’s camp and instruction on how to find it so he can kick out the “mean biggins.” Armed with their new knowledge, the heroes camp and set out the next day for the bandit’s hideout.

Arosus 20th, 4712 A.R.

The party rides out for the bandits camp, leaving their horses when they approach the area. After a small discussion on how to best approach, the party, ignoring Alix’s suggestions, set out as a single group for one of the lookout towers. Luck was not on their side, while attempting to sneak upon the guard in the tower, they were hit by a thunderstone, deafening Fijit, Wally, Lindor, and Winry. Alix was spared for lingering back and disagreeing with their plan. Battle struck out with the bandits taking fortified positions behind logs and laying the party out with superior numbers from cover. The heroes attempted to take cover in the trees and fight back, but just couldn’t seem to get strong shots at the bandits. Luck spared their lives but the heroes took heavy damage and seemed unable to give it in kind. Their bad luck continued as our deafened heroes were surprised by a woman leaping from the trees brandishing duel wielded hand-axes. A masterful combatant, unlike the incompetent bandits, she quickly chopped Fijit down, leaving her unconscious and bleeding, then set after Lindor and Alix. More bandits rushed in to give this woman assistance. Lindor dropped his bow and drew his sword out to meet the woman, but the party quickly realized they were outnumbered and outmatched and sounded the retreat. Luck had their side in this as they all withdrew and escaped back to the horses, the only casualty being Lindor’s precious masterwork composite longbow. Running back to the horses, the party mounts up and heads north hoping to make it to Oleg’s to recover.



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