Return to Oleg's

Rova 8th, 4712 A.R.

Riding into Oleg’s, the heroes notice craters where the catipults at Oleg’s have been fired. As they approach, they also notice 7 unmarked graves. Once inside, they’re relived to find Kesten and all three of his mercenaries in good health, Jhod still resting, waiting on word from Wally about the temple, and Oleg and his wife and all are fine. They also take note of three men on the palisade, working on the catapult while one of Kesten’s mercenaries supervises them. When questioning what happened, Kesten informs the heroes that the bandits attacked in number, but were routed due in no small part to Jhod’s assistance.

The heroes set out trading with Oleg, telling Jhod of the temple who immediately sets to packing his belongings, asking to be escorted to the temple as soon as they’re ready. After spending a few hours at Oleg’s, Svetlana Livington calls everyone to lunch. The men working at the catapult come down and the heroes are shocked as they recognize them as bandits from the Thorn River camp. This information is quickly brought to the attention of Kesten, who seemed less than surprised. Kesten informs them that they repented and surrendered so he offered them mercy, on the condition that they work for Oleg to repay what they took from him and cut off one of their own fingers to show they have been granted mercy once he would spare them. If they are ever caught breaking the law again, that mark shows their unrepentance. Kesten also states that, thus far, they’ve been wonderful help. Hardworking men that have given their all to repay their debt to society.

Striking up a conversation with one of the bandits, Conner Qualin, they find out that Kressel took the bandits back to the Stag Lord’s fort, home and headquarters to all the bandits in this area. The Stag Lord was so upset at losing the camp at Thorn River that he demanded Kressel send all her men to capture Oleg’s Trading Post to serve as the bandits new northern base. Conner explained how Kressel fought for them and shone some light on Kressel’s personality,telling how she was a fair woman who treated all her men with decency and respect. The heroes asked for the location of the Stag Lord’s fort and the password to get in. Conner gladly gave up both begging the heroes to “help Miss Kressel.”, as the Stag Lord was furious with her as well. Conner did warn that the password changes from time to time and Kressel’s password that he gave them may not be good any longer. He also told them that the Stag Lord is a heavy drinker, practically living in the bottle making him half the man he used to be.

Rova 9th-10th, 4712 A.R.

Setting out the next day with Jhod in tow, escorting him back to the Temple of the Elk. Jhod sets to rededicating the temple and the party rests at the temple ensuring Jhod has everything he needs before leaving.

Rova 11th, 4712 A.R.

Party spends the day mapping new territory in the Narlemarches.

Rova 12th, 4712 A.R.

Another day of mapping.

Rova 13th, 4712 A.R.

Another day of mapping, the party finds a clearing with a statue of Erasil that the animals seem hesitant to go near. After cleaning the statue off, Wally prays a prayer of dedication. When his prayer finishesm the statue glows for a moment and the party in the clearing’s weapons glow for an instant as though they’ve been touched with magic. Wally identifies the spell as keen edge on all piercing and slashing weapons in the clearing.

Rova 14th, 4712 A.R.

Exploring and mapping a more swampy area of the woods, they come across an old ruin. Finding inside a boggard who croaks out in common a threat to “Go! Die!” The party draws weapons and a fight ensues. After killing the boggard, his pet slurk takes off and escapes into the woods. The heroes explore the ruins and find a sack of gold and a few gems. Adding the gems to the party loot and diving the gold amongst themselves, they move on.

Rova 15th, 4712 A.R.

Another day mapping, the heroes find a hollow under a fallen pine. Exploring the empty hollow Fijit Woodsong identifies it as the lair of a particularly large boar. Hoping that it’s Tuskgutterm the party makes plans to climb the trees and set an ambush for him when he returns. Jerren Vandorin leads the horses far to the south and watches over them while the rest of the party waits in their treetop hiding spots. After 5 hours waiting, they grow bored, abondoning the plan, meeting with Jerren and setting camp.

Rova 16th, 4712 A.R.

The next morning, the heroes ride back to the boars lair, and get taken by surprise as a large boar comes charging out of the brush, straight for Jerren’s horse. Even as skilled a rider as he was, the powerful boar lived up to his reputation, goring Pepper and felling her instantly. A fierce battle ensues, and the heroe’s numbers overpowered the boar but not without the loss of Jerren’s bonded mount. Jerren climbs on the pack horse, and the party makes a litter to bring Tuskgutter back to Oleg’s as requested. They head back to the nearby Temple of the Elk first and ask Jhod to cast gentle repose on the boar to preserve it for the trip to Oleg’s.

Rova 17th-20th, 4712 A.R.

After Jhod perserves the boar, they set out to Oleg’s arriving on the 20th.



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