Medicinal Herbs make the best "pots."

Arosus 1st, 4712 A.R.

The party, freshly rested from their encounter with the bandits set out mapping the area in and around Oleg’s. They spent the night dividing chores up on how to set camp as they reasoned they would be traveling together for some time. Lindor and Wynri Elric Davor set out hunting with the time they had left in the day and Wally created water a few gallons of water to pack on their horses for future days.

Arosus 2nd, 4712 A.R.

The party moved East of Oleg’s in the direction they were told Bokken’s hut was. After spending most of the day mapping the area they found Bokken’s home. While Bokken‘s potion stock seemed satisfactory, the heroes found him missing a few screws as dementia has clearly set in. In his ramblings he told the heroes of how his brother ran off after Bokken stepped in while his brother was beating their mother and cut off Bokken’s finger. He told them he’d reward them if they ever brought him to justice. In time he also requested the group bring him fangberries if they’re ever in the area west of the thorn river, just before entering the Narlmarches. Bokken even mentioned that that area of the Narlmarches used to be home to a unicorn ages ago, or so the rumors say.

(I have to say between Alix Malystarr being a rambling story teller who won’t shut up if you paid him, and Bokken’s dementia, staying on one subject long enough to give out quests was challenging to say the least.)

The party set camp after leaving Bokken’s preparing to head east.

Arosus 3rd, 4712 A.R.

While mapping the area east of Bokken’s, the party had their first encounter with the strange wildlife of the Stole Lands. What they thought was a rock on the distance turned out to be a 20 foot long Centipede of some kind. Keeping a wide berth the beast let them pass and the group mapped the area without incident.

Arosus 4th, 4712 A.R.

Having reached the eastern border of their charter the party headed east mapping the area before turning back west.

Arosus 5th, 4712 A.R.

The party spends another day mapping, while setting camp the fires lights begin to dance on their own. Fijit Woodsong and Lindor recognize this to be they tricks of playful fey and inform the group its likely to be harmless. Alix Malystarr attempts to befriend they fey, finally winning it out of invisibility with promises of wine and board games. The fairy dragon spends the evening talking with the party but is eventually spooked off when he notices Alix carrying the stolen silver amulet taken from the bandits at Oleg’s.

Arosus 6th, 4712 A.R.

While mapping the area south of Oleg’s the party finds a strange field of bones stretching nearly 400 feet. The decayed bones of bears, deer, and even the occasional human stretched out in this field. The party investigates the bones and becomes even stranger when they notice the bones are all fully decayed none partially decayed and no signs of struggle in the area. Against the advice of Lindor and Alex, the rest of the party moves in closer and are quite surprised when the ground lifts up and a spider the size of a pony leaps out biting Wally‘s mount before scurrying back into his trap door of a lair. A battle then ensues with Lindor and Alix riding in to assist. Once the spider laid dead, Wynri Elric Davor peeled back the door to the spiders layer. Seeing the walls of the lair covered in webs and fearing other spiders, Alix sparks the thread and lets the blaze eat the webbing away. Once gone, Wally and Wynri tie ropes to their mounts and shimmy down the hole. Finding partially decayed corpses of animals and even a bandit they search whats left in the hole finding another amulet with the stag’s head on it. Wally tends to his mount and Wynri’s wounds from the battle not seeing any lasting effects from the poison they map the rest of the area and set camp.

Arosus 7th, 4712 A.R.

Having been gone a week, and fearing bandit activity might have returned, as well as needing to resupply the party heads north to Oleg’s. As the party rides in, they take note of the corpses of Happs and his men adorning the palisade, they ride in through the main gate and take note of tents set by the stables. A man in armor, bearing the cross of Rostland greets them and introduces himself as Kesten Garess. The party learns he and the mercinaries with him have been sent to Oleg’s to defend the trading post. The party talks with Kesten a bit before Wynri wanders off to find Svetlana Livington and inquire about the “Missing” poster she put up about her husband a week prior when they left. She finds Svetlana talking with a man in the guest house. Clearly a man of the faith by the way he dressed and the holy symbol to Erastil around his neck. The man introduces himself as Jhod Kavken and sets out to find Wally.

Jhod pulls Wally away from the party to inform that he received a vision from Erasil and is in the Stolen Lands seeking an old temple to the god guarded by a large bear. Wally agrees to inform Jhod if they find the temple he is searching for. The party takes note of a few other posters that have joined Wynri’s “Missing” poster and settle into Oleg’s for the night. Lindor, last to head to bed spends the night talking with Oleg and learns he is quite distraught over having lost Svetlana’s wedding ring to the bandits. Lindor sensed that Oleg was feeling inadequate between being unable to protect her and the post, and being unable to provide a new ring for her or even reclaim her old one it was clear that Oleg wanted to do something special for her.

Arosus 8th, 4712 A.R.

Setting out the next morning heading west of Oleg’s the party mapped the plains then took their first steps into the Narlmarches. Not long after entering the thick woods they heard the voices of large creatures arguing loudly in giant. Lindor and Alix sneaking through the woods approached and found two trolls arguing over directions. Lindor recognizing and having heard stories of trolls in combat knew they were outmatched quickly sneaking back to the party they beat feet and avoided the trolls who were none the wiser to the party’s existence.



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