Kobolds and the Monster Feast

Kingdom building continued as an unexpected visitor approached Alix at his castle home. Mikmik greeted his chief and asked him to return to the tribe as the kobolds would soon have a visitor. Alix gather the Baron and several members of the council to return to the silver mine and meet with the kobolds. The kobolds hard at work preparing a feast told how Hulgulka sent a glowing orb to ex-chief Soothscale and promised to restore their noble draconic heritage. Chief Malystar was concerned for his tribe and sought to meet with Hulgulka. When he arrived to the feast it turns out Hulgulka was a troll who has apparently established his own “monster kingdom” and sought the kobolds to join him rather than have their cultural identity lost in a human civilization. After some opposed diplomacy, ex-chief Soothscale and the kobolds allied with Chief Malystar and Sumeria and asked Hulgulka to leave.

Concern filled the group that an organized group of trolls have established themselves and practically declared a war on their kingdom but for now a battle was won so the heroes celebrated with their allies. Soon after a minor noble named Roy Lezbin and his wife met with Baron Vandorin and asked for assistance in establishing a city in the nearby woods where the tatzlwyrms used to be, after some discussion Jerren informed Roy he would respond by the end of Arosus after meeting with his council.

The summer heat drew the heroes out, as well as rumors of a large worg stalking the nearby Kamelands, setting out the heroes began to map around their kingdom. Near the Tuskwater Lake Wally found an odd trail and a turtle that turned vicious regardless of attempts to pacify it. The heroes unfortunately had to kill the beast and took its shell realizing it was a strong material that could be used for a shield or armor.

Continuing east all the way out to Lake Silverstep the heroes stopped for a day to fish up some Silver Eels. After their day of rest they headed north and finally found the tracks of some worgs, following the trail they found the home of Howl-of-the-North who claimed he has already allied with Hulguka’s monster kingdom and lead the heroes into a trap now surrounded and flanked inside the cave with a strange beast known as a Trollhound (a gift from Hulgulka) and some worgs blocking their escape Howl-of-the-North rises to attack….



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