Homeward Bound

Rova 20th, 4712 A.R.

Arriving late in the day to Oleg’s, the heroes inform Oleg of Tuskgutter’s demise and he sends one of the ex-bandits out to Vekkel Benzen’s, the man who requested Tuskgutter’s body, of their success. This late in the day, they don’t expect him until morning. The party makes plans for the time being. Jerren desires a new horse. Having trained mounted most of his career, hes come to rely on a horse in combat, thus Jerren Vandorin makes plans to return home to Restov and find a new horse. The rest of the party, not wanting to wait that long for Jerren’s return, begin planning the next area they wish to map. Both groups make plans to meet in about a week at Oleg’s. Jerren sets to moving his gear to the pack horse, and lending his mule to the party to serve as a temporary pack horse for them.

Rova 21st, 4712 A.R.

Jerren sets out to Restov on horse as soon as there is enough light to travel, while the rest of the party enjoys their day to relax.
Vekkel arrives with their reward, a masterwork longbow and 6 +1 animal bane arrows. Wally claims the arrows and Wynri keeps the bow. Vekkel sets about barbequing Tuskgutter. After a filling meal, the party rests.
Jerren sets out early and arrives at Fort Serenko, a small abandoned border fort in Brevonic territory. The fort, while abandoned, does keep a small compliment of men here to watch over travelers and give them a safe-haven to rest.

Rova 22nd, 4712 A.R.

Jerren rides another day arriving, at Nivakta’s Crossing, a small village on the fringe of Brevoy. He finds a cheap inn and rests his tired horse in its stable.
The Heroes ride out that evening and camp in the Kamelands, near where they once slew the trap door spider.

Rova 23rd, 4712 A.R.

Jerren rides another day, arriving in Restov. He makes his way to his home, greeting his uncle. Jerren, the second son of a branch family, has no strong ties to the business, but his family runs a major import/export business out of Restov. His uncle sets him up with the name of a tradesman who could get him a good price on some new horses. Jerren spends the day with his family, resting after a long travel.
The party sets out mapping again, they find a large tree on a hillside that’s long dead from a lightning strike. An easy landmark as it looks like a claw stretching up into the sky. While mapping the area surrounding the hill, they notice under the roots the earth has been disturbed. Half-beard grabs Breeg’s trusty shovel and starts digging. Buried under the roots is a sack containinng a high quality dagger, a silver ring (appraised at 75 gp), a wand of burning hands (CL 2nd), and a slightly water damaged spellbook containing identify, mage armor, reduce person, silent image, and unseen servant.

Rova 24th, 4712 A.R.

Jerren goes and spends the day riding new horses, finally finding one he likes and negotiating down a fair price. He heads back home with plans to set out to Oleg’s the next day. These plans are interrupted by his family’s messenger bringing him an invitation to a midday tea with Swordlord Jamandi Aldori, the author of Jerren’s charter. Jerren thus puts his packing on hold until he finds what this meeting brings.
The rest of the party spends the day mapping.

Rova 25th, 4712 A.R.

(While Jerren’s meeting was roleplayed I won’t post it here until the rest of my party is informed what happened during this meeting.)
The party sets out south mapping, but is unable to cross the river to map the rest of this area. While mapping, they come across the ruins of a collapsed bridge with a weather worn sign reading “Nettles Crossing – 5 copper – Ring Bell for service” and a rusted silver bell. On the other side of the river they notice what appears to be a burned out shack. Downriver, rocks rise up from the river and seem to have caught the planks of wood when the bridge collapsed. Hoping to find a boat or something down by the rocks the group headed to downstream to the rocks while Wynri Elric Davor stayed back to watch the horses. Her curiousity getting the better of her, she picked up the bell and rang it while polishing it just as the others arrived at the rocks. From the water rose a horrifying looking undead who demanded “throw the body of my tormentor into the water so that I may look upon him or join me instead.” A horrified Alix was stunned, while Wally quickly responded.
“Who is your tormentor?”
“Throw the body of the Stag Lord into the river.”
The party quickly explained that they were already on their way to defeat the Stag Lord which seemed to satisfy the undead who turned into water and melted away.
Giving up on crossing the water here, Wally recalled a bridge further downstream from his days living in the River Kingdoms, so they decided to cross there instead and map this area later.

Rova 26th, 4712 A.R.

Heading west from the river and mapping, the heroes found the bodies of some red scaled kobolds dead from tiny stab wounds, stripped of all they had and left to rot. Some ways away they also found some mites that had been killed by what looked like small spears. The mites were left clothed but robbed of anything of value. As they continued to map, they found a large sycamore tree standing nearly 100 feet tall. At the base of this tree, hidden in the roots, was a mites lair. After some attempt to get the mites to come out, Wally descended into the lair.
Using the roots to climb Wally, entered into a small chamber, perfect for his small size, he saw in this room 3 mites, 2 on each side of the room firing tiny catapults loaded with caltrops as ammunition at one another. Seeing Wally they turned their catapults on him while the third fled the room. The rest of the party made their way down into the lair as Wally quickly finished off the mites, finding them to be very weak fighters.
The party, once in the cavern, noticed it was too big for the normal sized ones to walk and move normally in. Having to stoop over as they walked and swing low and awkwardly. Moving into the next chamber the smell of compost fills the room and they found mounds of composted piled in the room. They quickly dealt with two mites in this room, which upset the giant centipedes living in here who attacked and were also quickly routed. Fijit noticed some black lumps in the compost and got Half-beard to dig it out, finding little eggs in the compost that Fijit recognized as Centipede eggs. Thinking these might be spellable, they filled a sack with compost with as many eggs as they could find and packed it tightly in.
Heading down into the next chamber, several mites were milling about in what appeared to be a common room. Bravely charging the dwarf who cleaved them in two, the rest fled shouting in a language no one spoke.
Following after them, they entered another room and found 3 mites. These 3 are in true leather armor with armbands, marking the mites tribal colors rather than the scarves the rest wore to mark their tribe. The 3 stood in front of a large powerful looking mite riding on the back of a giant tick. An overconfident party moved in against the Honor Guard and the Lord of Mites and Alix, Wynri and Half-beard all fell at some point during the fight. Between the ticks vicious bites, and Grabble’s hefty long-spear, he gave them trouble. After reforming their tactics, the party overcame him, and when Grabbles finally fell, the rest of the mites fled, shoating again in their unknown language. Tending to the wounded, they found Wynri barely clinging to life (miscalculation on hit points left her 1 above her negative Con). With the mites routed, the injured heroes set to searching the room but what will come of the mysterious rash Half-beard, Alix, and Wynri have all seemed to contracted?



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