Doing a shortened recap as I’ve gotten pretty far behind.

The player characters set out from Oleg to finish mapping, they found a dead unicorn and felt the bad omen. After talking with the animals nearby, they felt it would be bad to touch the body and thus did not bury the unicorn, even though they wanted to. They never did discover what killed the unicorn and eventually moved on.

Next they found a pair of male tatzlewyrms competing for the affection of a female, and began to hunt the PC as quarry. The PCs overcame them and set off to give Oleg his prize. Ready now to face the stag lord, the heroes set off with their special order of kegs and delivered it to the fort, posing as bandits. After infiltrating the camp, and gaining a few allies, the heroes took down the Stag Lord and all his minions, gaining Akiros, Auchs and Kressel to their side in the aftermath of the battle. After Jerren’s coronation, the heroes set out to found Castle Rock on the mouth of Tuskwater lake, settling the barony of Sumeria on the first of Neth. The heroes focused mostly on developing their kingdom until the first of Abadius. They explored a few miles to the east and west of themselves and realized the winter was no time to explore, returning home and refocusing on the kingdom. The kingdom stats stats as of Desnus 1, 4713 A.R.

Sumeria, NG Kingdom

Size 4, Control DC 24, Population 3,000

Promotion Level: None
Taxation Level: Normal
Festivals Per Year: None

Unrest: 2

Consumption 3 BP
Treasury 10 BP

Notable Sites: Castle Rock (Capitol City), Fangberry Patch (resource)

Castle Rock

Base Value 200 GP
Defense +8
Population 2,000

Castle x1
Town Hall x1
House x2



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