A Man Is Not Finished When He Is Defeated. He Is Finished When He Quits.

Arosus 20th, 4712 A.R.

The party rides hard on their escape from the bandit camp. Pushing their horses hard, they escape deep into the woods and manage to elude the bandits. Rest and recovery overnight, double watches all night just in case.

Arosus 21st, 4712 A.R.

The party sets about mapping the woods north of the camp on their way to Oleg’s. Upon hearing movement in the brush ahead of them, Alix Malystarr, Lindor, and Fijit Woodsong dismount and sneak ahead. They stealthily follow a group of 6 green scaled lizard-men (kobold) trekking through the woods. Soon after, a kobold arrives at a tree and points out mushrooms to the others. They all begin to gorge themselves on the mushrooms. The scouting party have not heard of kobolds, other than in name, decided to approach with caution. The lizards take note of the party and respond to their calls in common with a friendly peaceful greeting. Not long after joining the kobolds under their tree, the party realizes the lizards have gotten high off the mushrooms they gorged on. Fijit attempts to take a few mushrooms into her bag and the kobolds turned unfriendly but this was quickly resolved diplomatically with the heroes finding the mushrooms elsewhere.
Our heroes set out collecting the mushrooms, hoping to learn if they could cause a similar effect on the bandits by mixing the mushrooms into their camp. They spend a few hours searching and collecting 5 pounds of mushrooms. They set camp later that night far from the kobolds.

Arosus 22nd, 4712 A.R.

The party set off the next morning heading to Oleg’s. Upon their arrival they noticed signs of battle. They hurriedly aproached Kesten Garess to learn what happened. Kesten informed them a local trapper identified Falgrim Sneeg, a mercenary working for Kesten, as a wanted man. When confronted, Falgrim made a break for it. Another mercenary got in his way and was nearly killed the fortunate and timely arival of a traveling dwarf caused Falgrim to miss, severing the mercenary’s arm instead of his head. Falgrim used the injured man to make his escape and fled south into the Stole Lands.
Wynri Elric Davor quickly set off to meet and chat with Svetlana Livington, catching up as the two are growing to be friends. Svetlana identified the mysterious mushrooms the party has as a “moon radish,” a highly illegal mushroom that is also fairly rare. She even purchased a pound of them from Wynri for 250 gold to make her “moon radish soup”, a distilled version of the mushroom that is one of Oleg’s, favorite dishes of hers, and with all the stress he has been under he needed to relax.
At dinner, everyone enjoyed the wonderful and tasty stew Svetlana prepared, and quickly succumbing to the peaceful feelings it generated. With that they met Halfbeard, the dwarf who saved Kesten’s mercenary. As it turns out, he was traveling north looking for work. After a bit of negotiation, the party agreed to split the money of their charter, hoping the extra muscle would be enough for their next bout with the bandits.
After trading some with Oleg, the heroes rested in comfort.

Arosus 23rd, 4712 A.R.

The next day the heroes headed back to Bokken, hoping he could make a potion or poison of the mushrooms they had left to use against the bandits. Bokken’s senility was poked fun at, but he was less than helpful as he had never seen the mushrooms before. After realizing the cost of a potion of invisibility (essential to the party’s current plan to sneak the mushrooms into the camp in the first place), the party gave up that hope and headed back to the bandits camp, stopping a few miles from the bandits to set camp.

Arosus 24th, 4712 A.R.

Alix Malystarr and Lindor continued on to the bandits camp to spend the whole day scouting. Unfortunately, they were spotted as soon as they approached and were chased off.
The rest of the party spend the day mapping the plains east of the bandit’s camp. After a bit of searching, Halfbeard and Wally spotted a very well hidden tunnel entrance. The tunnel, clearly lost to time, seemed man made. The party cleared out an entrance and set about exploring and found gold! Knowing they didn’t have the tools to start digging now, they buried the entrance and concealed it as best they could. The headed back to camp, meeting with Lindor and Alix.
Even with Alix and Lindor’s botched scouting attempt, the party continued with their plans for a night attack. Splitting into two groups, Fijit Woodsong to the far west to create a distraction to lead the bandits away, with Lindor there to protect her, and the rest of the heroes to the east ready to storm the camp.
Fijit cast lights out in the woods to appear as 4 lanterns marching in, and the distraction worked as the lookout dropped his thunder stone awaking the camp and causing quite a ruckus heading in that direction. While the bandits armed themselves and set off in the direction the lookouts called, the party rained arrows down on them. The bandits now split the “two” threats their staggering numbers cut down the party was having a much easier time taking out many of the bandits. Until Kressel joined the frey. She found Lindor and Fijit in the woods and made her way to them, sneaking up on them and catching them off guard, after a few rounds, she had them both down. Winry split from her group and was taken out by a group of bandits in a three to one fight. With no threats left to the west, Kressel then took half the men back with her across the creek to meet the party head on. Blow for blow the whole battle was close but in the end Kressel proved too much as first Alix, then Wally, and finally Halfbeard all fell….

Is this the end of our tale????

See you all Tuesday, “A New Day Dawns”



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