A Journey of 1000 Miles Starts with a Single Step.

24th of Erastus, 4712 A.R.

Having heard rumors of charters to explore the Stolen lands for gold, the party each accepted a charter from the Swordlords of Restov to explore the Northern Greenbelt region of The Stolen Lands.
The party, Alix Malystarr, a half-elf bard looking for money to start a life with his new bride; Fijit Woodsong, a gnome sorceress looking to explore her fey roots; Wynri Elric Davor, an elf fighter serching for a husband sold into slavery, hoping he may have escaped to the River Kingdoms;Wally a halfling pirate who saw the error of his ways and turned cleric seeking to make amends and serve his time administering good to pay off his debt to society; and Lindor, a half-elf ranger.

Having made introduction, the party checked their joint supplies purchasing what they needed to trek the wilderness. Lindor even being kind enough to lend his pack mount to Alix. The party converses and grows to know one another gathering backgrounds and histories from each party member. (Look at individual character sheets for this information.)

30th of Erastus, 4712 A.R.

The party arrives at Oleg’s Trading Post and are greeted by a pretty, smiling young woman. She introduces herself as Svetlana Livington. She happily greets the party, thanking them for coming to help. Before anyone in the party can speak, shes vanished into a storeroom, only to return with a bottle of wine and promises of free stay and a meal until tomorrow when they take care of the bandits coming to the post. The party regretfully informs her they don’t have any idea of what she’s speaking of. She panics, realizing they’re not the aid they requested to deal with the bandits coming to “collect taxes” tomorrow. Svetlana turns to requesting the party aid them in this as she and her husband are alone out here and cannot defend themselves. The party readily agrees, not needing much convincing. The party sets up an ambush for the bandits.

31st of Erastus, 4712 A.R.

Waiting in ambush, an hour after dawn 6 horses ride up carring 5 men. After a foul mouthed comment to Oleg about his wife, the bandits make their way to the storeroom, where they are surprised to be greeted by Lindor‘s sword. Unfortunately, he swung a bit early, and missed the bandit’s head. The party leaps into action, flying out from the stables, guesthouse, palisade, and storeroom. Two bandits are quickly felled before they even draw their weapons. Their leader, Happs, takes a strong shot at Winry, nearly putting her down. The next round Jill leaps into battle while Cragger heads for the hills, only to find an arrow in the back from Wally on the palisade. Round 2 flies by, and Jill is taken down, and Happs surrendering before a second shot is fired.

The group disarms Happs, and leads him into the center of camp. After several minutes discussing if they can truely believe a bandit is “repentant” just because he lost a fight, they settle on killing the remaining bandits. Happs, not liking his odds at his surrender, uses his alchemist’s fire as a distraction and makes a run for it. Arrows zip by as he runs, but as Lindor and Fijit arrive on horseback. He’s no match for their joint effort and he too falls in battle.

The party divides the loot, Lindor claiming the Masterwork Composite Longbow (+2 Str). They question Oleg about the Stag amulet found on the body. Oleg tells them that there are rumors the bandits carry the silver amulets in the stag’s skull shape because they belong to a cult dedicated to a hideous animal demon. The cleric especially doesn’t like the idea of that, wanting to put a stop to the bandits immediately. The heroes gift the 3 horses they don’t take and the bandit’s gear to Oleg as a refund for his taxes. He offers the heroes 50 gp and 3 magic potions for their reward. The players accept the potions but refuse to take his money. Oleg agrees to keep it as their cost to stay with him and care for their horses whenever they stay and even tells them of a potion maker named Bokken, and where his house is located since they seemed interested.



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