Kobolds and the Monster Feast

Kingdom building continued as an unexpected visitor approached Alix at his castle home. Mikmik greeted his chief and asked him to return to the tribe as the kobolds would soon have a visitor. Alix gather the Baron and several members of the council to return to the silver mine and meet with the kobolds. The kobolds hard at work preparing a feast told how Hulgulka sent a glowing orb to ex-chief Soothscale and promised to restore their noble draconic heritage. Chief Malystar was concerned for his tribe and sought to meet with Hulgulka. When he arrived to the feast it turns out Hulgulka was a troll who has apparently established his own “monster kingdom” and sought the kobolds to join him rather than have their cultural identity lost in a human civilization. After some opposed diplomacy, ex-chief Soothscale and the kobolds allied with Chief Malystar and Sumeria and asked Hulgulka to leave.

Concern filled the group that an organized group of trolls have established themselves and practically declared a war on their kingdom but for now a battle was won so the heroes celebrated with their allies. Soon after a minor noble named Roy Lezbin and his wife met with Baron Vandorin and asked for assistance in establishing a city in the nearby woods where the tatzlwyrms used to be, after some discussion Jerren informed Roy he would respond by the end of Arosus after meeting with his council.

The summer heat drew the heroes out, as well as rumors of a large worg stalking the nearby Kamelands, setting out the heroes began to map around their kingdom. Near the Tuskwater Lake Wally found an odd trail and a turtle that turned vicious regardless of attempts to pacify it. The heroes unfortunately had to kill the beast and took its shell realizing it was a strong material that could be used for a shield or armor.

Continuing east all the way out to Lake Silverstep the heroes stopped for a day to fish up some Silver Eels. After their day of rest they headed north and finally found the tracks of some worgs, following the trail they found the home of Howl-of-the-North who claimed he has already allied with Hulguka’s monster kingdom and lead the heroes into a trap now surrounded and flanked inside the cave with a strange beast known as a Trollhound (a gift from Hulgulka) and some worgs blocking their escape Howl-of-the-North rises to attack….


Doing a shortened recap as I’ve gotten pretty far behind.

The player characters set out from Oleg to finish mapping, they found a dead unicorn and felt the bad omen. After talking with the animals nearby, they felt it would be bad to touch the body and thus did not bury the unicorn, even though they wanted to. They never did discover what killed the unicorn and eventually moved on.

Next they found a pair of male tatzlewyrms competing for the affection of a female, and began to hunt the PC as quarry. The PCs overcame them and set off to give Oleg his prize. Ready now to face the stag lord, the heroes set off with their special order of kegs and delivered it to the fort, posing as bandits. After infiltrating the camp, and gaining a few allies, the heroes took down the Stag Lord and all his minions, gaining Akiros, Auchs and Kressel to their side in the aftermath of the battle. After Jerren’s coronation, the heroes set out to found Castle Rock on the mouth of Tuskwater lake, settling the barony of Sumeria on the first of Neth. The heroes focused mostly on developing their kingdom until the first of Abadius. They explored a few miles to the east and west of themselves and realized the winter was no time to explore, returning home and refocusing on the kingdom. The kingdom stats stats as of Desnus 1, 4713 A.R.

Sumeria, NG Kingdom

Size 4, Control DC 24, Population 3,000

Promotion Level: None
Taxation Level: Normal
Festivals Per Year: None

Unrest: 2

Consumption 3 BP
Treasury 10 BP

Notable Sites: Castle Rock (Capitol City), Fangberry Patch (resource)

Castle Rock

Base Value 200 GP
Defense +8
Population 2,000

Castle x1
Town Hall x1
House x2

War on the Miniture

Rova 27th, 4712 A.R. (cont)

Wally cast his last few spells to bring Wynri conscious. Having killed Grabbles and driven off the mites they set to exploring the room. Finding a few nice pieces of gear on Grabbles and the mites treasure stash the heroes set to leave. Upon hearing a weakened voice calling for help in an unexplored cavern they set off to investigate.

Entering what appeared to be a torture room. The heroes found a red scaled kobold on the verge of death. Wally set to restoring him and he introduced himself as Mikmek. He told the heroes that he could give them many treasures if they would help him find the kobold’s god and lift the curse on them. (A glass statue the heroes already found in the treasure from the other room. The party convinced Mikmek to lead them to the kobold’s tribe and offered to speak to their chief about the curse afflicting the kobolds. Mikmek agreed and off the heroes rode to the kobolds cave.

Upon reaching the cave Mikmek got the attention of the guard on duty and begain explaining his situation in draconic. Left to wait the heroes took not of the cave the kobolds called home and noticed it oddly large. Inspecting the walls Half-beard realized this is an abandoned silver mine. After a minute, Mikmek leads the party into the cavern, helping them avoid traps and eventually lead them to Chief Soothscale.

After a good bit of talking with the chief over the worship of “Old Sharptooth” the heroes quickly realized all the kobolds, the chief included, are terrified of the tribe shaman Tartuk. The reasons apparent because the “god” often chose bad kobolds to be sacrificed if they didn’t obey Old Sharptooth’s commands. The heroes made their way to talk with Tartuk and found a purple scaled, perfect common speaking kobold who was quite skilled at what he did. The heroes realized the whole “god” situation was a rues to put himself in power but kept their mouths shut.

Given the opportunity to rest, the heroes gladly took it while Tartuk called the kobolds to the temple for their daily worship. Alix sneaked into the hall and watched as Tartuk used spells cleverly to trick the kobolds into thinking their god had appeared before them causing flashing colored lights and other tricks. All with the aid of some silent spells so they did not realize the magic was coming from him.

Next came confessions, as several kobolds came and gave testimony on how “Old Sharptooth” had touched their lives. When it came time for Mikmek’s testomony. Alix realized Tartuk was using detect thoughts on Mikmek. During Mikmek’s confession an image of “Old Sharptooth” appeared and marked poor Mikmek for death. Tartuk drew out a scythe but was startled as a quick thinking Alix yelled “Stop!” Suddenly appearing in the hall with “Old Sharptooth” floating in front of him. (By mage hand cast before entering the hall.)

Alix called Tartuk out as a fraud. After some debate Tartuk commanded Chief Soothscale to kill Alix. Soothscale approached “Old Sharptooth” and after a moment of contemplation grabbed the statue, shattered it and shouted “kill the traitor!” Combat ensued with Tartuk dead and his head smashed by Soohscale’s mace. As soon as the battle was through Soothscale crowned Alix and pledged the newly renamed Malystarr Tribe to him.

Now Chief of the kobolds, Alix and the party searched through Tartuk’s things claiming his magic items and his jornal and rested.

Rova 28th, 4712 A.R.

Spent the full day resting with teh Malystarr Tribe, Wally treated the Red Ache on Wynri, Alix and Half-beard.

Rova 29th, 4712 A.R.

Spent the day mapping. Alix is being plagued with nightmares to kill the stag Lord and seeing visions of the dead man who built the bridge “Nettle’s Crossing.”

Rova 30th, 4712 A.R.

Spent the day mapping. Alix nightmares continue.

Lamashan 1st, 4712 A.R.

Finished up the partial hexes mapping

Lamashan 2nd, 4712 A.R.

Spend the day mapping, found a rickety bridge. Crossing it carefully they passed without incident.

Lamashan 3rd, 4712 A.R.

Headed to the patch of fangberries Bokken had requested the party took some time picking them and mapped the hex.

Lamashan 4th, 4712 A.R.

Found a pit trap with a Brush Thyrcane in it. Avoided the trap successful and mapped the hex. During the night a heavy storm picks up, winds of almost 20 MPH.

Lamashan 5th, 4712 A.R.

The storm continues heavily, the heroes flee to the Temple of the Elk for safety.

Lamashan 6th-7th, 4712 A.R.

Heavy storms continue to be waited out in the Temple of the Elk (random weather rolls sucked here, guess thats what a month of no rain gets you.)

Lamashan 8th-9th, 4712 A.R.

Rain finally clearing heavy winds helping to dry the land the heroes head back to Oleg’s arriving the morning of the 10th.

Lamashan 10th, 4712 A.R.

Arrived back in Oleg’s and met with Jerren who reported in what happened on his adventure to Restov. Trading with Oleg ensued with their new found riches. Wynri and Half-beard made a ride out to Bokken’s to find his hut destroyed and the corpses of two of the bandits who posed as trappers in its place. Searching the hut they found Bokken’s possessions gone as well and hope he is alive but feel guilty as they told the “trappers” of Bokken and his potions. Returning to Oleg’s the heroes placed a few special orders and made plans to finish their last two hexes and return to Oleg’s. Pick up the weapons they ordered and then set forth to the Stag Lord’s Fort.

Homeward Bound

Rova 20th, 4712 A.R.

Arriving late in the day to Oleg’s, the heroes inform Oleg of Tuskgutter’s demise and he sends one of the ex-bandits out to Vekkel Benzen’s, the man who requested Tuskgutter’s body, of their success. This late in the day, they don’t expect him until morning. The party makes plans for the time being. Jerren desires a new horse. Having trained mounted most of his career, hes come to rely on a horse in combat, thus Jerren Vandorin makes plans to return home to Restov and find a new horse. The rest of the party, not wanting to wait that long for Jerren’s return, begin planning the next area they wish to map. Both groups make plans to meet in about a week at Oleg’s. Jerren sets to moving his gear to the pack horse, and lending his mule to the party to serve as a temporary pack horse for them.

Rova 21st, 4712 A.R.

Jerren sets out to Restov on horse as soon as there is enough light to travel, while the rest of the party enjoys their day to relax.
Vekkel arrives with their reward, a masterwork longbow and 6 +1 animal bane arrows. Wally claims the arrows and Wynri keeps the bow. Vekkel sets about barbequing Tuskgutter. After a filling meal, the party rests.
Jerren sets out early and arrives at Fort Serenko, a small abandoned border fort in Brevonic territory. The fort, while abandoned, does keep a small compliment of men here to watch over travelers and give them a safe-haven to rest.

Rova 22nd, 4712 A.R.

Jerren rides another day arriving, at Nivakta’s Crossing, a small village on the fringe of Brevoy. He finds a cheap inn and rests his tired horse in its stable.
The Heroes ride out that evening and camp in the Kamelands, near where they once slew the trap door spider.

Rova 23rd, 4712 A.R.

Jerren rides another day, arriving in Restov. He makes his way to his home, greeting his uncle. Jerren, the second son of a branch family, has no strong ties to the business, but his family runs a major import/export business out of Restov. His uncle sets him up with the name of a tradesman who could get him a good price on some new horses. Jerren spends the day with his family, resting after a long travel.
The party sets out mapping again, they find a large tree on a hillside that’s long dead from a lightning strike. An easy landmark as it looks like a claw stretching up into the sky. While mapping the area surrounding the hill, they notice under the roots the earth has been disturbed. Half-beard grabs Breeg’s trusty shovel and starts digging. Buried under the roots is a sack containinng a high quality dagger, a silver ring (appraised at 75 gp), a wand of burning hands (CL 2nd), and a slightly water damaged spellbook containing identify, mage armor, reduce person, silent image, and unseen servant.

Rova 24th, 4712 A.R.

Jerren goes and spends the day riding new horses, finally finding one he likes and negotiating down a fair price. He heads back home with plans to set out to Oleg’s the next day. These plans are interrupted by his family’s messenger bringing him an invitation to a midday tea with Swordlord Jamandi Aldori, the author of Jerren’s charter. Jerren thus puts his packing on hold until he finds what this meeting brings.
The rest of the party spends the day mapping.

Rova 25th, 4712 A.R.

(While Jerren’s meeting was roleplayed I won’t post it here until the rest of my party is informed what happened during this meeting.)
The party sets out south mapping, but is unable to cross the river to map the rest of this area. While mapping, they come across the ruins of a collapsed bridge with a weather worn sign reading “Nettles Crossing – 5 copper – Ring Bell for service” and a rusted silver bell. On the other side of the river they notice what appears to be a burned out shack. Downriver, rocks rise up from the river and seem to have caught the planks of wood when the bridge collapsed. Hoping to find a boat or something down by the rocks the group headed to downstream to the rocks while Wynri Elric Davor stayed back to watch the horses. Her curiousity getting the better of her, she picked up the bell and rang it while polishing it just as the others arrived at the rocks. From the water rose a horrifying looking undead who demanded “throw the body of my tormentor into the water so that I may look upon him or join me instead.” A horrified Alix was stunned, while Wally quickly responded.
“Who is your tormentor?”
“Throw the body of the Stag Lord into the river.”
The party quickly explained that they were already on their way to defeat the Stag Lord which seemed to satisfy the undead who turned into water and melted away.
Giving up on crossing the water here, Wally recalled a bridge further downstream from his days living in the River Kingdoms, so they decided to cross there instead and map this area later.

Rova 26th, 4712 A.R.

Heading west from the river and mapping, the heroes found the bodies of some red scaled kobolds dead from tiny stab wounds, stripped of all they had and left to rot. Some ways away they also found some mites that had been killed by what looked like small spears. The mites were left clothed but robbed of anything of value. As they continued to map, they found a large sycamore tree standing nearly 100 feet tall. At the base of this tree, hidden in the roots, was a mites lair. After some attempt to get the mites to come out, Wally descended into the lair.
Using the roots to climb Wally, entered into a small chamber, perfect for his small size, he saw in this room 3 mites, 2 on each side of the room firing tiny catapults loaded with caltrops as ammunition at one another. Seeing Wally they turned their catapults on him while the third fled the room. The rest of the party made their way down into the lair as Wally quickly finished off the mites, finding them to be very weak fighters.
The party, once in the cavern, noticed it was too big for the normal sized ones to walk and move normally in. Having to stoop over as they walked and swing low and awkwardly. Moving into the next chamber the smell of compost fills the room and they found mounds of composted piled in the room. They quickly dealt with two mites in this room, which upset the giant centipedes living in here who attacked and were also quickly routed. Fijit noticed some black lumps in the compost and got Half-beard to dig it out, finding little eggs in the compost that Fijit recognized as Centipede eggs. Thinking these might be spellable, they filled a sack with compost with as many eggs as they could find and packed it tightly in.
Heading down into the next chamber, several mites were milling about in what appeared to be a common room. Bravely charging the dwarf who cleaved them in two, the rest fled shouting in a language no one spoke.
Following after them, they entered another room and found 3 mites. These 3 are in true leather armor with armbands, marking the mites tribal colors rather than the scarves the rest wore to mark their tribe. The 3 stood in front of a large powerful looking mite riding on the back of a giant tick. An overconfident party moved in against the Honor Guard and the Lord of Mites and Alix, Wynri and Half-beard all fell at some point during the fight. Between the ticks vicious bites, and Grabble’s hefty long-spear, he gave them trouble. After reforming their tactics, the party overcame him, and when Grabbles finally fell, the rest of the mites fled, shoating again in their unknown language. Tending to the wounded, they found Wynri barely clinging to life (miscalculation on hit points left her 1 above her negative Con). With the mites routed, the injured heroes set to searching the room but what will come of the mysterious rash Half-beard, Alix, and Wynri have all seemed to contracted?

Return to Oleg's

Rova 8th, 4712 A.R.

Riding into Oleg’s, the heroes notice craters where the catipults at Oleg’s have been fired. As they approach, they also notice 7 unmarked graves. Once inside, they’re relived to find Kesten and all three of his mercenaries in good health, Jhod still resting, waiting on word from Wally about the temple, and Oleg and his wife and all are fine. They also take note of three men on the palisade, working on the catapult while one of Kesten’s mercenaries supervises them. When questioning what happened, Kesten informs the heroes that the bandits attacked in number, but were routed due in no small part to Jhod’s assistance.

The heroes set out trading with Oleg, telling Jhod of the temple who immediately sets to packing his belongings, asking to be escorted to the temple as soon as they’re ready. After spending a few hours at Oleg’s, Svetlana Livington calls everyone to lunch. The men working at the catapult come down and the heroes are shocked as they recognize them as bandits from the Thorn River camp. This information is quickly brought to the attention of Kesten, who seemed less than surprised. Kesten informs them that they repented and surrendered so he offered them mercy, on the condition that they work for Oleg to repay what they took from him and cut off one of their own fingers to show they have been granted mercy once he would spare them. If they are ever caught breaking the law again, that mark shows their unrepentance. Kesten also states that, thus far, they’ve been wonderful help. Hardworking men that have given their all to repay their debt to society.

Striking up a conversation with one of the bandits, Conner Qualin, they find out that Kressel took the bandits back to the Stag Lord’s fort, home and headquarters to all the bandits in this area. The Stag Lord was so upset at losing the camp at Thorn River that he demanded Kressel send all her men to capture Oleg’s Trading Post to serve as the bandits new northern base. Conner explained how Kressel fought for them and shone some light on Kressel’s personality,telling how she was a fair woman who treated all her men with decency and respect. The heroes asked for the location of the Stag Lord’s fort and the password to get in. Conner gladly gave up both begging the heroes to “help Miss Kressel.”, as the Stag Lord was furious with her as well. Conner did warn that the password changes from time to time and Kressel’s password that he gave them may not be good any longer. He also told them that the Stag Lord is a heavy drinker, practically living in the bottle making him half the man he used to be.

Rova 9th-10th, 4712 A.R.

Setting out the next day with Jhod in tow, escorting him back to the Temple of the Elk. Jhod sets to rededicating the temple and the party rests at the temple ensuring Jhod has everything he needs before leaving.

Rova 11th, 4712 A.R.

Party spends the day mapping new territory in the Narlemarches.

Rova 12th, 4712 A.R.

Another day of mapping.

Rova 13th, 4712 A.R.

Another day of mapping, the party finds a clearing with a statue of Erasil that the animals seem hesitant to go near. After cleaning the statue off, Wally prays a prayer of dedication. When his prayer finishesm the statue glows for a moment and the party in the clearing’s weapons glow for an instant as though they’ve been touched with magic. Wally identifies the spell as keen edge on all piercing and slashing weapons in the clearing.

Rova 14th, 4712 A.R.

Exploring and mapping a more swampy area of the woods, they come across an old ruin. Finding inside a boggard who croaks out in common a threat to “Go! Die!” The party draws weapons and a fight ensues. After killing the boggard, his pet slurk takes off and escapes into the woods. The heroes explore the ruins and find a sack of gold and a few gems. Adding the gems to the party loot and diving the gold amongst themselves, they move on.

Rova 15th, 4712 A.R.

Another day mapping, the heroes find a hollow under a fallen pine. Exploring the empty hollow Fijit Woodsong identifies it as the lair of a particularly large boar. Hoping that it’s Tuskgutterm the party makes plans to climb the trees and set an ambush for him when he returns. Jerren Vandorin leads the horses far to the south and watches over them while the rest of the party waits in their treetop hiding spots. After 5 hours waiting, they grow bored, abondoning the plan, meeting with Jerren and setting camp.

Rova 16th, 4712 A.R.

The next morning, the heroes ride back to the boars lair, and get taken by surprise as a large boar comes charging out of the brush, straight for Jerren’s horse. Even as skilled a rider as he was, the powerful boar lived up to his reputation, goring Pepper and felling her instantly. A fierce battle ensues, and the heroe’s numbers overpowered the boar but not without the loss of Jerren’s bonded mount. Jerren climbs on the pack horse, and the party makes a litter to bring Tuskgutter back to Oleg’s as requested. They head back to the nearby Temple of the Elk first and ask Jhod to cast gentle repose on the boar to preserve it for the trip to Oleg’s.

Rova 17th-20th, 4712 A.R.

After Jhod perserves the boar, they set out to Oleg’s arriving on the 20th.

A New Day Dawns

Arosus 24th, 4712 A.R.

Wally awakes tied and bound, Kressel standing over him. After a brief conversation, Wally makes a deal with the bandits. Save the bandits lives; and Kressel offered to spare theirs. Wally set out with the bandits healers kit, stabilizing as much of the party and the bandits as he could, with quick action, Wally saved all of the bandits but two and the entire party, except Lindor. The two conscious bandits escorted Wally to the party’s horses and brought back all but Lindor’s two horses (his horse and the party’s pack horse). After the bandits took the time to lighten the horses of all their valuables, they loaded the party onto them and Wally fled the camp.

Arosus 25th, 4712 A.R.

Resting most of the morning having been up all night, Wally channels the party back to health, and a plan is forged knowing the bandits have no magical healing, the party turns in heading back to the Thorn River Camp. Riding in hard to take them by surprise, they find the camp empty and deserted. The disappointed party rides back to Oleg’s.

Arosus 26th, 4712 A.R.

Arriving at Oleg’s, the heroes tell that they drove the bandits off and make arrangements to have Lindor’s body delivered to his family and send a report to Restov of their current situation. While there, they also notice Kesten has been resupplied with men from the earlier battle. They also find a minor noble named Jerren Vandorin who has been chartered by the Swordlords to assist the party in routing the bandits and to bring reports of threats to Restov from the stolen lands. The party spends the night chatting with their new companion and take a much needed rest.

Arosus 27th, 4712 A.R.

The next morning, the party returns to their charter heading west past the Narlmarches mapping the plains.

Arosus 28th, 4712 A.R.

While mapping, the heroes run into a small group of trappers in the late afternoon who are heading back towards Oleg’s. They join in with the heroes combining camp and sharing food with one another and the safety in numbers. The heroes opt to go the safe route and keep their usual watch rather than letting the trappers aid for extra rest.

Arosus 29th, 4712 A.R.

Parting ways with the trappers, the party spends another day mapping.

Arosus 30th, 4712 A.R.

Another day mapping and the party notices a long forgotten burial mound hidden in some blackberry bushes. Deciding not to defile a grave, the party collects the blackberries and leaves the tomb alone.

Arosus 31st, 4712 A.R.

Another day of mapping, setting camp on the edge of the Narlmarches.

Rova 1st, 4712 A.R.

While mapping the Narlmarches, they encounter the long dead body of a human pinned under his own trap. Searching the body, the heroes find a masterwork hand-axe and set out to find his camp. After a bit of searching, they find his gear and in finding his charter identify the trapper as Breeg Orlivanch, a trapper the party heard went missing a few weeks ago and the same trapper responsible for the trap filled glade a few miles north. Taking the shovel from Breeg’s pack, they give him a proper burial and take his charter as proof to let his kin know whats befallen him.

Rova 2nd, 4712 A.R.

Setting out the next day, the party explores and finds a small clearing which leads to what looks like a temple. Wally identifies it as a temple to Erastil, and as hope springs that the found the temple they were searching for their, hope is answered as a bear lumbers out from the temple roaring a warning not to approach. Wally is suddenly filled with the power of Erastil, drawing his bow and firing at the bear with an impressive blow flowing with sacred power. Half-beard moves forward towards the bear and the bear moves in at him, taking a quick bite. Jerren readies his lance to the first action he has seen traveling with this group and lands an impressive blow (22 point mounted charge ride-by-attack at level 1). The bear still stands to the heroes dismay, though significantly worse for wear. The bear pushes down Half-beard, attempting to pin him and after a few more hits, the bear falls. The moment he falls, the heroes witness the bear transform into what looks like a human, eyes filled with peace, before he quickly ages and erodes to dust.

In this same moment Wally is overcome with a vision of a priest of Erastil who lost his faith, bringing a bear and sacrificing it as he abandoned the temple to “whatever god will protect this place.” The god of the hunt took offense to this, and stripped the priest of his humanity transforming him into an immortal bear charged with guarding the temple until a true worshiper came and retook this place.

Freed from his vision, Wally gives a brief prayer to Erastil as the temple dark aura clears. The water turns from muck to a clean fresh spring. Bottling this new water to take with them, the heroes camp at the temple, taking time to clean it out and repair what they could quickly to service the temple.

Rova 3rd, 4712 A.R.

Setting out the next day mapping again, the heroes find a murky dirtied hot spring. After clearing out a few frogs who had taken residence in the spring they continued their day of mapping.

Rova 4th, 4712 A.R.

Spent the day mapping setting camp at the edge of the Narlmaches.

Rova 5th-7th, 4712 A.R.

Rode arround the Narlmarches, though the planes heading back to Oleg’s.

A Man Is Not Finished When He Is Defeated. He Is Finished When He Quits.

Arosus 20th, 4712 A.R.

The party rides hard on their escape from the bandit camp. Pushing their horses hard, they escape deep into the woods and manage to elude the bandits. Rest and recovery overnight, double watches all night just in case.

Arosus 21st, 4712 A.R.

The party sets about mapping the woods north of the camp on their way to Oleg’s. Upon hearing movement in the brush ahead of them, Alix Malystarr, Lindor, and Fijit Woodsong dismount and sneak ahead. They stealthily follow a group of 6 green scaled lizard-men (kobold) trekking through the woods. Soon after, a kobold arrives at a tree and points out mushrooms to the others. They all begin to gorge themselves on the mushrooms. The scouting party have not heard of kobolds, other than in name, decided to approach with caution. The lizards take note of the party and respond to their calls in common with a friendly peaceful greeting. Not long after joining the kobolds under their tree, the party realizes the lizards have gotten high off the mushrooms they gorged on. Fijit attempts to take a few mushrooms into her bag and the kobolds turned unfriendly but this was quickly resolved diplomatically with the heroes finding the mushrooms elsewhere.
Our heroes set out collecting the mushrooms, hoping to learn if they could cause a similar effect on the bandits by mixing the mushrooms into their camp. They spend a few hours searching and collecting 5 pounds of mushrooms. They set camp later that night far from the kobolds.

Arosus 22nd, 4712 A.R.

The party set off the next morning heading to Oleg’s. Upon their arrival they noticed signs of battle. They hurriedly aproached Kesten Garess to learn what happened. Kesten informed them a local trapper identified Falgrim Sneeg, a mercenary working for Kesten, as a wanted man. When confronted, Falgrim made a break for it. Another mercenary got in his way and was nearly killed the fortunate and timely arival of a traveling dwarf caused Falgrim to miss, severing the mercenary’s arm instead of his head. Falgrim used the injured man to make his escape and fled south into the Stole Lands.
Wynri Elric Davor quickly set off to meet and chat with Svetlana Livington, catching up as the two are growing to be friends. Svetlana identified the mysterious mushrooms the party has as a “moon radish,” a highly illegal mushroom that is also fairly rare. She even purchased a pound of them from Wynri for 250 gold to make her “moon radish soup”, a distilled version of the mushroom that is one of Oleg’s, favorite dishes of hers, and with all the stress he has been under he needed to relax.
At dinner, everyone enjoyed the wonderful and tasty stew Svetlana prepared, and quickly succumbing to the peaceful feelings it generated. With that they met Halfbeard, the dwarf who saved Kesten’s mercenary. As it turns out, he was traveling north looking for work. After a bit of negotiation, the party agreed to split the money of their charter, hoping the extra muscle would be enough for their next bout with the bandits.
After trading some with Oleg, the heroes rested in comfort.

Arosus 23rd, 4712 A.R.

The next day the heroes headed back to Bokken, hoping he could make a potion or poison of the mushrooms they had left to use against the bandits. Bokken’s senility was poked fun at, but he was less than helpful as he had never seen the mushrooms before. After realizing the cost of a potion of invisibility (essential to the party’s current plan to sneak the mushrooms into the camp in the first place), the party gave up that hope and headed back to the bandits camp, stopping a few miles from the bandits to set camp.

Arosus 24th, 4712 A.R.

Alix Malystarr and Lindor continued on to the bandits camp to spend the whole day scouting. Unfortunately, they were spotted as soon as they approached and were chased off.
The rest of the party spend the day mapping the plains east of the bandit’s camp. After a bit of searching, Halfbeard and Wally spotted a very well hidden tunnel entrance. The tunnel, clearly lost to time, seemed man made. The party cleared out an entrance and set about exploring and found gold! Knowing they didn’t have the tools to start digging now, they buried the entrance and concealed it as best they could. The headed back to camp, meeting with Lindor and Alix.
Even with Alix and Lindor’s botched scouting attempt, the party continued with their plans for a night attack. Splitting into two groups, Fijit Woodsong to the far west to create a distraction to lead the bandits away, with Lindor there to protect her, and the rest of the heroes to the east ready to storm the camp.
Fijit cast lights out in the woods to appear as 4 lanterns marching in, and the distraction worked as the lookout dropped his thunder stone awaking the camp and causing quite a ruckus heading in that direction. While the bandits armed themselves and set off in the direction the lookouts called, the party rained arrows down on them. The bandits now split the “two” threats their staggering numbers cut down the party was having a much easier time taking out many of the bandits. Until Kressel joined the frey. She found Lindor and Fijit in the woods and made her way to them, sneaking up on them and catching them off guard, after a few rounds, she had them both down. Winry split from her group and was taken out by a group of bandits in a three to one fight. With no threats left to the west, Kressel then took half the men back with her across the creek to meet the party head on. Blow for blow the whole battle was close but in the end Kressel proved too much as first Alix, then Wally, and finally Halfbeard all fell….

Is this the end of our tale????

See you all Tuesday, “A New Day Dawns”


Arosus 9th-18th, 4712 A.R.

Exploring further eastward, two of the parties horses stepped in cleverly concealed bear traps. Upon further inspection of the area, the party found traps hidden throughout the area. Deciding to take it slow and set off any traps they found while mapping the area, the party spends the next few days disarming traps and camping. Camping on the 13th, one of the horses is attacked by a pack a wolves, but the party manages to kill or chase them off before any real damages were done. While making camp on the night of the 19th, a hunter in the area joins the party’s camp, telling them of a bandit’s camp in the area.

Arosus 19th, 4712 A.R.

The party sets out, parting ways with the hunter and head southeast, spending the day mapping, slowly making their way to the area the bandits are said to be camped in. While setting camp, Alix Malystarr is led away from camp by Psugarren. Psugarren introduces Alix to two of his friends, Perlivash and Tyg-Titter-Tut. After some playful mischief, the fey give Alix a map of the bandit’s camp and instruction on how to find it so he can kick out the “mean biggins.” Armed with their new knowledge, the heroes camp and set out the next day for the bandit’s hideout.

Arosus 20th, 4712 A.R.

The party rides out for the bandits camp, leaving their horses when they approach the area. After a small discussion on how to best approach, the party, ignoring Alix’s suggestions, set out as a single group for one of the lookout towers. Luck was not on their side, while attempting to sneak upon the guard in the tower, they were hit by a thunderstone, deafening Fijit, Wally, Lindor, and Winry. Alix was spared for lingering back and disagreeing with their plan. Battle struck out with the bandits taking fortified positions behind logs and laying the party out with superior numbers from cover. The heroes attempted to take cover in the trees and fight back, but just couldn’t seem to get strong shots at the bandits. Luck spared their lives but the heroes took heavy damage and seemed unable to give it in kind. Their bad luck continued as our deafened heroes were surprised by a woman leaping from the trees brandishing duel wielded hand-axes. A masterful combatant, unlike the incompetent bandits, she quickly chopped Fijit down, leaving her unconscious and bleeding, then set after Lindor and Alix. More bandits rushed in to give this woman assistance. Lindor dropped his bow and drew his sword out to meet the woman, but the party quickly realized they were outnumbered and outmatched and sounded the retreat. Luck had their side in this as they all withdrew and escaped back to the horses, the only casualty being Lindor’s precious masterwork composite longbow. Running back to the horses, the party mounts up and heads north hoping to make it to Oleg’s to recover.

Medicinal Herbs make the best "pots."

Arosus 1st, 4712 A.R.

The party, freshly rested from their encounter with the bandits set out mapping the area in and around Oleg’s. They spent the night dividing chores up on how to set camp as they reasoned they would be traveling together for some time. Lindor and Wynri Elric Davor set out hunting with the time they had left in the day and Wally created water a few gallons of water to pack on their horses for future days.

Arosus 2nd, 4712 A.R.

The party moved East of Oleg’s in the direction they were told Bokken’s hut was. After spending most of the day mapping the area they found Bokken’s home. While Bokken‘s potion stock seemed satisfactory, the heroes found him missing a few screws as dementia has clearly set in. In his ramblings he told the heroes of how his brother ran off after Bokken stepped in while his brother was beating their mother and cut off Bokken’s finger. He told them he’d reward them if they ever brought him to justice. In time he also requested the group bring him fangberries if they’re ever in the area west of the thorn river, just before entering the Narlmarches. Bokken even mentioned that that area of the Narlmarches used to be home to a unicorn ages ago, or so the rumors say.

(I have to say between Alix Malystarr being a rambling story teller who won’t shut up if you paid him, and Bokken’s dementia, staying on one subject long enough to give out quests was challenging to say the least.)

The party set camp after leaving Bokken’s preparing to head east.

Arosus 3rd, 4712 A.R.

While mapping the area east of Bokken’s, the party had their first encounter with the strange wildlife of the Stole Lands. What they thought was a rock on the distance turned out to be a 20 foot long Centipede of some kind. Keeping a wide berth the beast let them pass and the group mapped the area without incident.

Arosus 4th, 4712 A.R.

Having reached the eastern border of their charter the party headed east mapping the area before turning back west.

Arosus 5th, 4712 A.R.

The party spends another day mapping, while setting camp the fires lights begin to dance on their own. Fijit Woodsong and Lindor recognize this to be they tricks of playful fey and inform the group its likely to be harmless. Alix Malystarr attempts to befriend they fey, finally winning it out of invisibility with promises of wine and board games. The fairy dragon spends the evening talking with the party but is eventually spooked off when he notices Alix carrying the stolen silver amulet taken from the bandits at Oleg’s.

Arosus 6th, 4712 A.R.

While mapping the area south of Oleg’s the party finds a strange field of bones stretching nearly 400 feet. The decayed bones of bears, deer, and even the occasional human stretched out in this field. The party investigates the bones and becomes even stranger when they notice the bones are all fully decayed none partially decayed and no signs of struggle in the area. Against the advice of Lindor and Alex, the rest of the party moves in closer and are quite surprised when the ground lifts up and a spider the size of a pony leaps out biting Wally‘s mount before scurrying back into his trap door of a lair. A battle then ensues with Lindor and Alix riding in to assist. Once the spider laid dead, Wynri Elric Davor peeled back the door to the spiders layer. Seeing the walls of the lair covered in webs and fearing other spiders, Alix sparks the thread and lets the blaze eat the webbing away. Once gone, Wally and Wynri tie ropes to their mounts and shimmy down the hole. Finding partially decayed corpses of animals and even a bandit they search whats left in the hole finding another amulet with the stag’s head on it. Wally tends to his mount and Wynri’s wounds from the battle not seeing any lasting effects from the poison they map the rest of the area and set camp.

Arosus 7th, 4712 A.R.

Having been gone a week, and fearing bandit activity might have returned, as well as needing to resupply the party heads north to Oleg’s. As the party rides in, they take note of the corpses of Happs and his men adorning the palisade, they ride in through the main gate and take note of tents set by the stables. A man in armor, bearing the cross of Rostland greets them and introduces himself as Kesten Garess. The party learns he and the mercinaries with him have been sent to Oleg’s to defend the trading post. The party talks with Kesten a bit before Wynri wanders off to find Svetlana Livington and inquire about the “Missing” poster she put up about her husband a week prior when they left. She finds Svetlana talking with a man in the guest house. Clearly a man of the faith by the way he dressed and the holy symbol to Erastil around his neck. The man introduces himself as Jhod Kavken and sets out to find Wally.

Jhod pulls Wally away from the party to inform that he received a vision from Erasil and is in the Stolen Lands seeking an old temple to the god guarded by a large bear. Wally agrees to inform Jhod if they find the temple he is searching for. The party takes note of a few other posters that have joined Wynri’s “Missing” poster and settle into Oleg’s for the night. Lindor, last to head to bed spends the night talking with Oleg and learns he is quite distraught over having lost Svetlana’s wedding ring to the bandits. Lindor sensed that Oleg was feeling inadequate between being unable to protect her and the post, and being unable to provide a new ring for her or even reclaim her old one it was clear that Oleg wanted to do something special for her.

Arosus 8th, 4712 A.R.

Setting out the next morning heading west of Oleg’s the party mapped the plains then took their first steps into the Narlmarches. Not long after entering the thick woods they heard the voices of large creatures arguing loudly in giant. Lindor and Alix sneaking through the woods approached and found two trolls arguing over directions. Lindor recognizing and having heard stories of trolls in combat knew they were outmatched quickly sneaking back to the party they beat feet and avoided the trolls who were none the wiser to the party’s existence.

A Journey of 1000 Miles Starts with a Single Step.

24th of Erastus, 4712 A.R.

Having heard rumors of charters to explore the Stolen lands for gold, the party each accepted a charter from the Swordlords of Restov to explore the Northern Greenbelt region of The Stolen Lands.
The party, Alix Malystarr, a half-elf bard looking for money to start a life with his new bride; Fijit Woodsong, a gnome sorceress looking to explore her fey roots; Wynri Elric Davor, an elf fighter serching for a husband sold into slavery, hoping he may have escaped to the River Kingdoms;Wally a halfling pirate who saw the error of his ways and turned cleric seeking to make amends and serve his time administering good to pay off his debt to society; and Lindor, a half-elf ranger.

Having made introduction, the party checked their joint supplies purchasing what they needed to trek the wilderness. Lindor even being kind enough to lend his pack mount to Alix. The party converses and grows to know one another gathering backgrounds and histories from each party member. (Look at individual character sheets for this information.)

30th of Erastus, 4712 A.R.

The party arrives at Oleg’s Trading Post and are greeted by a pretty, smiling young woman. She introduces herself as Svetlana Livington. She happily greets the party, thanking them for coming to help. Before anyone in the party can speak, shes vanished into a storeroom, only to return with a bottle of wine and promises of free stay and a meal until tomorrow when they take care of the bandits coming to the post. The party regretfully informs her they don’t have any idea of what she’s speaking of. She panics, realizing they’re not the aid they requested to deal with the bandits coming to “collect taxes” tomorrow. Svetlana turns to requesting the party aid them in this as she and her husband are alone out here and cannot defend themselves. The party readily agrees, not needing much convincing. The party sets up an ambush for the bandits.

31st of Erastus, 4712 A.R.

Waiting in ambush, an hour after dawn 6 horses ride up carring 5 men. After a foul mouthed comment to Oleg about his wife, the bandits make their way to the storeroom, where they are surprised to be greeted by Lindor‘s sword. Unfortunately, he swung a bit early, and missed the bandit’s head. The party leaps into action, flying out from the stables, guesthouse, palisade, and storeroom. Two bandits are quickly felled before they even draw their weapons. Their leader, Happs, takes a strong shot at Winry, nearly putting her down. The next round Jill leaps into battle while Cragger heads for the hills, only to find an arrow in the back from Wally on the palisade. Round 2 flies by, and Jill is taken down, and Happs surrendering before a second shot is fired.

The group disarms Happs, and leads him into the center of camp. After several minutes discussing if they can truely believe a bandit is “repentant” just because he lost a fight, they settle on killing the remaining bandits. Happs, not liking his odds at his surrender, uses his alchemist’s fire as a distraction and makes a run for it. Arrows zip by as he runs, but as Lindor and Fijit arrive on horseback. He’s no match for their joint effort and he too falls in battle.

The party divides the loot, Lindor claiming the Masterwork Composite Longbow (+2 Str). They question Oleg about the Stag amulet found on the body. Oleg tells them that there are rumors the bandits carry the silver amulets in the stag’s skull shape because they belong to a cult dedicated to a hideous animal demon. The cleric especially doesn’t like the idea of that, wanting to put a stop to the bandits immediately. The heroes gift the 3 horses they don’t take and the bandit’s gear to Oleg as a refund for his taxes. He offers the heroes 50 gp and 3 magic potions for their reward. The players accept the potions but refuse to take his money. Oleg agrees to keep it as their cost to stay with him and care for their horses whenever they stay and even tells them of a potion maker named Bokken, and where his house is located since they seemed interested.


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