Update 5/30/2013

Updated the Leadership page to reflect some of the changes in Ultimate Campaign. (Highlights, more specifics on who rolls what and new leadership roles) More to come soon.
Also updated the Ruling page. (highlights, magic items generated by the kingdom are not sold for profit. Profit is build into a new taxation system.)

Update 4/10/2013

Characters updated for post time skip.

Update 7/9/2012

Army rules are posted.

Update 5/2/2012

Adventure log is 100%, Experience updated, Kingdom updated.

Update 4/27/2012

Adventure log is updated and finally up to date 100%.

Update 4/17/2012

Updated Experience totals for all characters. Alix and Half-beard leveled.

Update 4/10/2012

Updated Experience totals for all Characters. Fijit, Wally, and Wynri all leveled.

Update 4/9/2012

Added Adventure log updated characters.

Update 4/7/2012

Updated experience totals for all characters, fixed Forest and Cliff’s xp from last week.

Update 3/30/2012

Updated Advenure Log.

Update 3/27/2012

Updated experience for all characters but forest and cliff.

Update 3/20/2012

Added Adventure log, updated experience, updated characters.

Update 3/14/2012

Added Adventure log, updated experience, updated characters.

Update 3/7/2012

Added Adventure log for March 6th game.

Update 3/5/2012

Made some changes in the wiki to the Houserules.

Update 3/4/2012

Made Changes in the wiki to Creating a Kingdom.

Welcome to Kingmaker

I hope everyone is excited, don’t forget we’ll be providing food this game.


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